5 Interview Questions You Might Not Have Thought Of

Interviews are vital when figuring out whether or not a candidate is right for the job and for your company. While a CV will give you an idea of experience and qualifications, these things alone aren’t a guarantee that they will be successful. There are so many interview questions that will assess different things, and there are a few obvious questions that always tend to feature. These are five interview questions you might not have thought of, that will help you get more of an idea of who your potential employee is.

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5 Reasons Why Your Job Offers Are Being Rejected

Even at the busiest times of the year for recruitment it can be a struggle to fill vacancies. There are plenty of reasons that why your job offers might be being rejected, and here are five of them.

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Why You Should Give Candidate Feedback

Looking back at past interviews, especially the nerves involved, gives you an idea of how candidates are feeling. The worst part is not hearing back, at all – while rejection hurts, being ignored is worse. Rejecting candidates can be super difficult, but properly dealing with the recruitment process by giving candidate feedback is great for both you and the candidate. This blog will tell you why you should give candidate feedback and how to do so.

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