How To Hire Graduates

There are lots of benefits to hiring graduates; they are keen to learn, they are able to adapt without pre-existing habits, and they’re comfortable with technology. Graduation is fast approaching, and graduates will be deciding on the industry they want to work for, the jobs they want to apply for and where (geographically) they want to work). These are a few tips on how to hire graduates which will benefit your recruitment process.

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5 Interview Questions You Might Not Have Thought Of

Interviews are vital when figuring out whether or not a candidate is right for the job and for your company. While a CV will give you an idea of experience and qualifications, these things alone aren’t a guarantee that they will be successful. There are so many interview questions that will assess different things, and there are a few obvious questions that always tend to feature. These are five interview questions you might not have thought of, that will help you get more of an idea of who your potential employee is.

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