Interview Tips and Tricks

So you’ve found your perfect recruitment solution and some really great candidates for your role who you have invited in for interview, but you’re not sure how to filter out the good from the bad?  I have compiled some interview tips and tricks! There are hundreds of potential questions that you could ask them in order to gain the best understanding of whether or not they fit your company, and we have combined some of, what we deem, the best.

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Pros & Cons of Recruitment Agencies

There are three main options when it comes to your recruitment process: Job Board Advertising, Flat Fee Recruitment, and Recruitment Agencies. With everything in life, there are pros and cons for each, but in this blog you can find out a bit more about Recruitment Agencies.

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The Common Misconceptions About Recruitment

In the world of recruitment there are a lot of pre-emptive assumptions that are made, and while some can turn out to be true, some of them are total conspiracies. Now I am a big fan of conspiracy theories (aliens are real), but today I’m going to disprove all of the common misconceptions about recruitment that you may be subject to. 

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